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Factors to consider when constructing a piggery


Pigs are kept intensively and land needed for the sties is normally not a limiting factor. A 100-sow unit can be housed on one acre. The site where the sties are located must be at least 100m from the residential quarters. The buildings should face North-South in order to avoid exposing the pigs to the sun. Exposing the pigs to the sun can result in heat stress and sunburns.Ideally buildings should not be erected too close to dams and rivers as these areas become too cold in winter and at night. Poorly drained areas must be avoided, as these can become wet basins.

Pigs require water for drinking as well as cleaning the sties. It is imperative to set a piggery close to a water source. It is also important to ensure that the water is not contaminated.
Corridors, at least the width of a building, should be left between buildings to ensure adequate ventilation. When siting the piggery it is wise to take into account the need for the future expansion of the project.