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The Pig Industry Board of Zimbabwe (PIB) is a parastatal under the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development. It derives its mandate to develop the pig industry from the Pig Industry Act (Chapter 18:15). The core functions of PIB are genetic improvement, research, promotion of production and marketing of pigs. The PIB undertakes training and extension activities to promote production of pigs.



The Pig Industry Board (PIB) is a parastatal under the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water Climate and Rural Resettlement (MLAWCRR). It derives its mandate from the Pig Industry Act [Chapter 18:15]. It was founded in 1937 to assist farmers to venture into pig production. In 1952, a research station was established at Arcturus. A second station was established just outside Bulawayo in 1988. The Arcturus and Bulawayo stations are 191.4 and 87.9 hectares in extent, respectively. The PIB head office is at the Arcturus station. In addition to the two stations, the PIB also owns a 7.6 hectare plot in Arcturus that it uses as a pig quarantine station. There are piggeries at the Arcturus and Bulawayo stations.  The piggeries are used for research, training and extension purposes. They are also the principal sources of revenue for the PIB.

The core functions of the PIB are pig research, genetic improvement and promotion of production and marketing of pigs. The PIB is mainly involved in applied research. The bias towards applied research is mainly due to human and financial resource limitations. With limited funding for research the PIB’s capacity to develop pig breeds in Zimbabwe is limited.  In order to improve the national pig herd genetically, in the absence of the required resources, the PIB has resorted to introducing new genes into the pig population through importation of breeding stock.

 The PIB promotes production and marketing of pigs through research, training and extension services. It promotes production through the supply of improved breeds multiplied at its stations and building production capacity among farmers. It provides attachment for students from tertiary institutions. It promotes marketing of pigs through provision of service slaughter facility at the Arcturus station and market intelligence to farmers. 

The products produced by the PIB include trained farmers and students, literature on pig production, breeding stock, research papers, knowledge, project proposals, pork and pork products. In addition to the listed products, the PIB provides advisory services to farmers. As part of its developmental mandate the PIB offers some services for free. The Board has set out that at least 80% of the training offered by the PIB should be on a cost recovery basis. Currently the advisory service offered to farmers is for free.

The PIB is funded from government grants, pig levy and proceeds from its commercial operations. Eighty five percent of the funds used by the PIB are from its operations.


A centre of excellence for pig development by the year 2030  


To lead the development of the Zimbabwean pig industry through research, marketing, training and extension services.


The functions of the PIB as outlined in the Pig Industry Act are:

  • To carry out pig research in Zimbabwe
  • To undertake pig genetic improvement programs
  • To promote and advise the Minister on all matters relating to the production and marketing of pigs
  • To do all things that are necessary to assist the development of the pig industry in Zimbabwe

The values that guide the PIB are:


We are a cohesive team committed to achieving the highest standards of performance in providing services.


We uphold honesty, transparency and fairness in all our interactions


We are open in our transactions and take responsibility for our actions


We strive to be highly creative in applying demand driven research for development in addressing challenges along the pig value chain.


The PIB has two departments and these are:


The technical department is responsible for;

  • Research and development
  • Promotion of production and marketing of pigs
  • Genetic improvement programs
  • Crop production
  • Feed production

In carrying out its research, genetic improvement and promotion activities the department generates revenue that is used to fund the PIB.


The department is responsible for;

  • Policy implementation
  • Resource mobilization, budgeting and allocation of resources
  • Monitoring of resource utilization
  • Coordination of organizational activities
  • Human resources management
    • Internal clients

The PIB internal clients are:

  • Employees
  • Board
    • External clients

The external clients of the PIB are:

  • Farmers
  • Pork consumers
  • Agriculture Students
Service providedStandardCost in (USD $) Prices reviewed periodically
Extension servicesAdvisory farm visits done every month in different provincesFree  
On-station advisory service (Clients attended to on arrival)Free  
Piggery project proposals produced within 4 working daysCurrent fee $25.00 Charges reviewed periodically  
Phone-in advisory service (officers available every day)Free  
Quarterly newsletter (Newsletter produced within 2 weeks of end of quarter)Free  
Pig production manuals in English, Shona and Ndebele, A.I brochure and other technical bulletins DVDs, budget available on demand    Current prices English manual $20 Shona manual $10.00 Ndebele manual $10.00 A.I brochure $5.00 Budget $3.00 DVD      $5.00
Piggery housing plans available on demandCurrent prices Specialized housing plans: Set of 4   $40.00 Low cost housing plan: $15.00
At least 2 stakeholder meetings convened per yearFree
Information desk at the Trade Fair and Harare Agricultural Show every  yearFree advisory service during the events
TrainingThree week practical course (self-catering)Current fee: $135.00
Two week practical course (self-catering)Current fee: $110.00
Five day course (self-catering)Current fee: $80.00
Artificial insemination course (self-catering)Current fee: $75.00
One day theory course (meals provided)Current fees $40.00
Block man and meat processing course (meals provided)Current fee $15.00
At least 4 students attached at PIB stations per yearFree
ResearchAt least 2 research projects per yearFree
At least 2 publications per yearFree
Genetic improvementAssessed male breeding stock (boars)Current price $375.00
Assessed female breeding stock (gilts)Current price $350.00
Assessed 16 week old boars and giltsCurrent price $200.00
Assessed  18 kg weanerCurrent price $60.00
Semen doses (per satchet) Additional catheterCurrent price $5.00 Current price $1.00
New genes introduced into the national herd through importation of breeding stock   
Market accessService slaughter facility (delivered pigs slaughtered within 12 hours)Service slaughter fees: $80.00 for <90kg Hot dressed mass (HDM) $95.00 for >90kg HDM Slaughter fees reviewed periodically
 Market intelligenceFree
    • PIB’s obligations to the clients are to:

Undertake research aimed at finding solutions to challenges faced by clients

Provide training in pig husbandry and meat processing

Provide advisory services on pig production

Provide service slaughter facility to farmers within the limits of the abattoir capacity

Give market intelligence

Offer attachment to students

Organize a genetic improvement program

Be transparent in our interactions with the clients

Treat with confidentiality our interaction with our clients

Render service without any discrimination

Treat our clients with dignity and respect

Conserve the pig breeds found in Zimbabwe

Promote team work and collective responsibility

Provide a conducive working environment

Maintain an open door policy

  • Clients’ rights in relation to service provision

Prompt and courteous service.

Professional and accessible service for all.

Provision of clear and concise information.

Confidentiality of client’s information.

Prompt response to inquiries.

Fair treatment, respect and dignity

Demand for timely and quality service

  • Clients’ obligation in relation to service provision

Be courteous and respectful.

Provide constructive engagement.

Be honest and truthful.

Avoid unethical practices.

Provide us with accurate information and documentation

Provide feedback on the quality of service provided by PIB officers


The Service Charter is reviewed annually.


Clients can give feedback (both negative and positive) through our head office. When dealing with the feedback confidentiality and privacy shall be respected.

In the event of a complaint the client should state clearly the circumstances and critical facts. Clients contact is essential to avoid difficulties in handling complaints.

The feedback or complaints can be made through the post, telephone, email or in person.


Contact DetailsPhysical addressTel/Mobile/E-mail
DirectorPig Industry Board Cromlet Road Arcturus (25.5km peg along Harare-Nyamapanda Road) P O Box HG297 Highlands HarareMobile: +263 772 274 153 E-mail: shoniwaac@gmail.com  

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